Bus Service Information

For School Year 20-21, all Kula Elementary School students will qualify for free bus transportation. Bus service applications must be completed online.

To complete a bus service application follow these steps:

Go to DOE online bus application (eTrition external website): Click Here

1- Please enter the Student ID

2- Student Found - if student name is found (click confirm)

- Part I: Acknowledgement - Check the box

- Part II: School Information - Kula Elementary School

- Part II continued: Select Home School

- Part II continued: Fill out Student Name, Grade, Physical Address, City, Zip Code, Parent/Guardian, Home Phone.

- Part III: Bus Service - Check One - Round Trip, Morning Only or Afternoon Only.

- Part III cont: Check FREE - Must complete Part IV below

- Part IV-Complete this section only if applying for free bus Transportation. Check Student Receives Free Meal (Subject to Approval)

- Part IV cont: Fill out sibling names and school

- Email address: Add your email address

- Review: Your name (add your name) continue